Why Wild Summit?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Outstretched hand with a rainbow painted on the wrist.

Wild Summit Consulting is a company began with one question in mind: What about the wild ones? What about the kiddos who forge their own path? What about the ones who seem to thrive outside the boundaries most students thrive in? Being different is hard. At times, it may as well feel like we’re climbing Mount Everest.

Wild Summit seeks to understand students with their unique strengths and growth areas, to look for the things that are already working and build on them to help students and families meet their goals. We seek to help parents understand their kiddos, their unique personality, ability, and identity.

That support can take on many forms. We coach parents who feel stuck, helpless, and don’t know where to begin on a variety of topics. We work with families to advocate for their child’s rights in school and medical settings. We mentor trans and non-binary students out in the world, working on everyday skills that set them up for safety and success. We help parents navigate family and friend relationships that become strained when a family member comes out.

We also offer consultation for therapists, counselors and medical professionals who want to offer the best and most respectful care to their gender expansive clients.

If you want to know what we’re about, that’s it. We’re in it for the wild ones!

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