Andrew Sage Mendez-McLeish, M.Ed.


I'm Sage, the founder of Wild Summit Educational Consulting. Over the past decade, I've worked with the wild ones, students who march to the beat of their own drum. I specialize in working with trans and gender expansive youth and adults through direct mentoring, parent and family coaching, and advocacy. My goal is to create safe spaces that allow trans and gender expansive youth and young adults to experience gender euphoria and thrive. 

Experience and Education

I am a non-binary trans guy, I have lived experience as someone who has walked the gender journey towards gender euphoria. I hold a Master's in Education, a decade of work as a family and parent coach, and am a trained educational consultant. ​Currently, I work as a professor of child development, parent education and teacher education. My work is grounded in finding what is already working for clients and families, and uses these strengths to navigate challenges to reach goals.